So, Why Eldrum?

Actually, if written correctly, I suspect it is  most likely to be spelled ‘aeldrum’.  This is the Anglo Saxon name for the Elder tree, one of the first trees I ever worked with, back when I was around 12 years old and first got interested in herbal medicine.  The elder has a massive array of folklore surrounding it, and is also known as the ‘medicine chest of the people’ – a well earned and well deserved reputation!  The first potions I ever made with this venerable old tree were elderflower cordial in the summer, and elderberry syrup with spices in for the winter, recipes that I am still using now, over 15 years later!  It seemed appropriate to name my company and my blog after this venerable old grandmother tree.   ‘Aeld’ means fire in old English, according to most of my sources anyway – certainly not meaning that the wood can be used for a fire because it is notoriously bad as fire wood, generating a lot of smoke and being regarded as very bad luck to burn as a result.  It’s possible the anglo saxons meant the use of the twig with the soft pith pushed out of the centre as a method of getting the fire going and directing air at the base of the fire to encourage it to burn hotter.

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