Random ramblings…

Yesterday I finished up the hawthorn berry syrup, which I have to admit is rather tasty.   It came out beautifully thick and syrupy – yes ok I know that’s supposedly a foregone conclusion given the name of the recipe, but sometimes I find that my syrups come out too thin and watery and just don’t keep at all well.  The only real problem with it as far as I can see is that it is very very sweet – I might have another go at it soon and add lemon juice and spices, perhaps cinnamon and vanilla or something like that, just to make it a little less cloyingly sweet.   Still, the bottle does look very good sitting on the shelf next to all the other bottles and jars of concoctions!

I’ve been sorting back through the pictures of West Stow that were taken while I was down in Bury st Edmunds the other week, and am still surprised by just how vividly coloured the fungi were!   We don’t seem to get any fungi in those shades of red and orange around here – probably a good thing since such bright colours usually indicate a poisonous fungi!   Still, having never seen a fly agaric growing wild, it was wonderful to finally come ‘face to face’ with so many of them in the birch woodland surrounding the anglo saxon village.

I also took a bit of a walk along the river Lark, a wonderfully lush place to walk.  I got some really good pictures of Russian Comfrey, and an Elder tree overhanging the river, as well as pictures of the river walk itself.  It really was just wonderful, despite being a few degrees warmer than I am really used to living further north!

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