Gotta love October…

It’s absolutely pouring with rain outside at the moment, after an absolutely gloriously sunny day yesterday with a surprisingly heavy frost first thing in the morning.  I really am going to have to remember to add an extra ten to fifteen minutes on to any journey I plan in the car as the windowscreen was so iced up it took some serious work with the ice scraper to remove the stuff.   The clinic is coming along beautifully – the shelf unit to store all my herbal tinctures was moved up there yesterday,  and in a day or two I will go back up and set out all of my lovely tinctures ready for prescribing.   I’m so excited about the place, and really look forward to getting it properly off the ground and working!   Once that has been done, I can move my focus back over to my website at and really work on getting that built up and working properly.   Oh and to add to the fun, I am moving house next week, into my first place – so have been busy packing for that and getting into a bit of a stressed out state organising everything.   I have, however, made the decision that tomorrow has demanded to be a day off.  It’s my birthday.   That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.  So there! 😛

I ordered a stackload of herb seeds from Suffolk Herbs last week, so next spring every available windowsill will be full of seed trays with herb seedlings in.  I might have a few available for trading and maybe even selling, if they do well enough – any herbalists growing their own packs of seeds would be very welcome to trade herbs with me if they want to.

Right, back to writing for the website now I’ve updated this blog on the generally chaotic nature of life at the moment…

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