Spiderweb Salve, Jewellery Making & River Cottage

Today I spent much of the morning dragging two huge tubs of rather overgrown herbs around to the back door of my new cottage, then starting off a batch of bread in the breadmaker (cheating, I know, but I had a lot of other stuff to do today.   Honest.)   I also got caught up on my paperwork, finally, and designed labels for the bath salts, salves and herbal teas that I am currently cooking up recipes for.   This afternoon was spent driving around part of the Wolds with a good friend of mine, after picking up a bootful of logs for my little wood burning stove.  I came home with a fire companion set, a jar of redcurrant jelly, a half dozen eggs and two large bags of apples, which are now sitting in the wire tray under the kitchen island – I really need to have a hunt around for some good recipes for them, perhaps wine or mead?   I rather like the idea of cider or a spiced apple wine.    I still haven’t brought all my brewing stuff over to the cottage, but might nip over to Lincoln tomorrow, pick up the bits and pieces needed for the market next Friday and fill up the car with another load of my stuff to be brought over here to the cottage.   Right now, I am watching river cottage and waiting for the oil to warm through for the jars of spiderweb salve I’m making – don’t worry, no spiders were harmed!  It’s basically  my version of a gardener’s hand salve.  I’m also working on a necklace that I haven’t had time to look at for about a week since I moved.   I’m going to set my alarm clock for about 7am tonight, so that I have plenty of time tomorrow to do more designing and puttering around.

I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy.

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