Solomon’s Seal Tincture

This morning I finally got around to tincturing some of my poor hapless Solomon’s Seal.  One bit got put back into the tub to grow again – I’m going to buy some new plants as well this winter, ready for the spring – but the rest of it got dug up, thoroughly scrubbed and chopped and then put in 500mls of vodka.  It’s a cottage style tincture, so the shelf life won’t be that long as I only have 37.5 proof vodka, but it should hopefully do well enough to sort out the few people I have who really could do with the stuff.   I’m going to leave it for a good two weeks to steep, shaking it daily, and see how it looks at the end of that time.  I’ve chopped it pretty finely so hopefully it will macerate properly.   Solomon’s Seal root when fresh is easy to cut and rather juicy looking, with an oily liquid produced when you cut it.  It smells oily as well, rich and nourishing, with an obscurely comforting feel to it.  The root is quite remarkable looking, with a classic set of indications for bone and joint conditions – its knobbly and white in colour and feels sturdy and robust in the hand.   This is the first time I have made the tincture and I am really quite excited to see how it turns out!

Tincture freshly prepared. Needs to be left to macerate for two week.
Solomon's Seal root from a cultivated plant

Quite a few of the American herbalists who can get their grubby mitts on this plant rave about how useful it is in sorting out musculoskeletal problems, and if it works as well as they say it does, I know a number of people who will be massively benefited by this little beauty.   Watch this space for progress reports!

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