The Last Hours of January

It’s the final day of January today, and I’ve spent much of it outdoors, walking, working in the garden, mulling over things and grumbling at the state of the soil – we had a frost last night and any exposed areas of soil are like glue at the moment, which pretty much put the kybosh on getting any weeding and digging done. Still, the day itself has been gorgeous, sunny with the slightly silvery cast of low lying mist softening the edges of the landscape, and it has been a real pleasure to be out of doors despite the chill in the air. There are tiny buds on many of the trees, snowdrops coming up, aconites flowering… the world is slowly stretching awake again, and it’s wonderful!

February marks the magazine publication of my first magazine article. The process of writing this article has been a long, rocky path to walk, both in terms of the emotional drain from taking the plunge and the amount of work needed to research and write and then rewrite the article in the first place, but I am fairly pleased with the results, and hope that this marks the beginning of a long, productive section of my business. I do love to write, but have always been concerned that my writing tends to step over the boundaries into florid prose at times. I have decided, however, that since the articles, poems and stories I write are mine and written for me, first and foremost, then I will write them any way that I want. If I submit them for publishing and they don’t get accepted, then I will revise how I write for that particular magazine. I’ve even dug out a story I was working on last year, tentatively called ‘the Tale of the Seasons’ – it is most definitely in old fashioned fairy tale style and language, and will hopefully have illustrations with it when it’s finished, courtesy of my sisters and their clever hands and even cleverer ideas! I’ve had to add yet another item to the list of things to work on though – I enjoyed writing the herbal fairy tales article so much that I’ve decided that this needs to be expanded into a book, and will soon begin writing up fairy tales that feature herbs in a major role, with the eventual goal of getting it published as a book of short stories. Watch this space for progress reports, rants, grumbles and the inevitable whinging.

Tomorrow’s job – aside from the crop blessing and some work in the garden – will be to write another article for my website and post off the booking forms for some craft fairs at a local school over the next few months. I’ve got a fairly busy year ahead of me – I will be at the HealingFest in Lincolnshire this August, with a stall and running a herb walk and talk on Friday after the opening circle. I’m going to be running a stall at a number of different markets, and possibly doing herbal first aid as well. I’ll be writing a blog over the next couple of days about herbs available at this time of year, with some pretty pictures hopefully – so check back then for a few notes about the ritual I performed and a few other odds and ends.


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