New Plant Friendships

Two posts in two days isn’t bad going for me really, is it!   Today’s post is to introduce a few new wildflowers that I have recently discovered whilst out and about on my rambles.   The first one is a member of the geranium family, a low growing and very pretty little plant with pink flowers and deeply toothed leaves like most of the wild geraniums, but much more low growing.  Allow me to introduce Common Stork’s-Bill – Erodium cicutarium!

Common Stork's Bill - what a pretty little plant this is, as well!

This little beauty grows gladly among grasses, and on well trodden footpaths – I found it growing on a fairly thoroughly flattened footpath into the nearby town, where lots of broad leafed plantain also grows.

Next up – the Field Pansy (Viola arvensis).  I first spotted this lovely little plant last year, in the late summer, growing in tangled bunches with lots of scarlet pimpernel.  Unfortunately none of the photographs taken then came out useable, but when out walking yesterday I happened to spot a few small groups of this plant growing on the wayside, next to the grain fields.

Field Pansy (Viola arvensis)

I shall be updating the Threshold project in the next week or so as well as it is now May, so check back in a few days for more pretty pictures!

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