A Year of Moons

Apparently it is blogging tradition to look back on the old year and reflect on what you have achieved, which goals you didn’t quite meet and what you want to do in the new year. I think this is probably a good idea – nothing like going back over successes to encourage confidence, realign goals for next year and add some new spice to life, after all! I’ve already gone over the triumphs and terrors of self employment in these uncertain economic times, so I won’t bore you all by rattling on about that again here. Instead, I thought I would write about a few of the highlights of 2011.

The latest stall - a far cry from the original flat display!

The beginning of the year saw a woman who had only just started to get her feet on the ground where self employment was concerned. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going or what I was doing, and the only real goal I had in mind was that I wanted to double my turnover by the end of the year. This goal I have achieved, much to my delight, and I have learned a great deal along the way! Some of the main highlights of the year were the Pagan Federation 40th Anniversary event – walking into the room I was due to give a talk in and discovering that it was standing room only was an incredible surprise and a real buzz! Having been told to expect perhaps 20 people and to find easily double that amount meant that this was one of the largest groups I have given a talk to, and I was delighted to find myself very well received indeed. I’ve discovered a real joy in giving talks and workshops to people and plan to do a lot more of these in 2012.

Another high point for me was when a patient of mine walked into the clinic with a magazine I had recently had an article published in and showed me the page with my work on. Nothing like realising that your work is being read to really boost the confidence! I’ve had articles published in Hedgewytch and Magical Times magazine throughout 2011. 2012 will include articles in Pagan Dawn and hopefully others as well. I love writing, and any opportunity to do more of it will be met with delight!

A few of my published articles for last year

And now, on to the goals! There really aren’t overly many of them again this year, though the main one is of course to double my turnover again by the end of the year. I want to get more articles published, and will be approaching more of the larger magazines this year to that end. I learned a lot last year about which markets not to do, so I will not be doing so many craft markets this year, but instead will do one or two of the largest local ones and then move my focus across to Mind, Body, Spirit and alternative events all over Britain, though perhaps especially those in my local Lincolnshire. I’ve got a wide variety of products in development to add to the range of herbal items that I offer for sale, and I am also in the process of writing a distance learning course on herbal medicine and green spirituality, as well as creating a set of four one day workshops on seasonal medicine. Finally, I have plans for two books – one on herbal fairy tales and legends, and the other on herbs and green spirituality to run alongside the distance learning course.

Newly redesigned labels for the baby balm and spiderweb salve

I learned a great deal from 2011, most especially about time, how to use it effectively and the importance of resting when I need it. 2012 will hopefully see me make more careful use of my time, and spend a lot more time back out in nature doing grass roots herbal medicine. I’ve cast off a lot of chains and old baggage throughout the year just gone, and I am excited to see what the new year brings now that I am lighter, wilder and freer!

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to several people in particular for all the help and support they have given throughout the difficult first 18 months of self employment. I most emphatically could not have got as far as I have without them and the encouragement they have given me. So, to both family and clan and all the friends I have met along the way – a massive thank you. Here’s to a great 2012!

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  1. Congratulations for having had a very wonderful, creative, successful 2011! I wish I could read your articles!Lovely labels for the salve and balm:) How delightful about your successful speech! Here is wishing you a joyous, blessing full, wild and free 2012 xxx

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