Joining the Windling Wood

I’ve recently been doing up my conservatory, predominantly because that is where I do most of my herb related nonsense, especially my writing and drawing.   Decorating has been a fairly slow process – first, the walls needed a coat of fresh paint, and then the floor needed something like three coats of paint.  It could probably do with another yet but for the moment, three will suffice.   Then it was on to tinkering with the artwork and how the walls look.  I’ve recently been fairly active in the most wonderful Domythic Bliss facebook group – for the blog, see the links on the right of this page!   In this group, started by the lovely Grace Nuth, there has been a series of posts concerning ‘Windling trees’ – trees painted directly onto the walls, originally inspired by Terri Windling, of ‘Wood Wife’ fame.  I decided that as I happened to have a rather blank looking space on the wall, perhaps painting my own Windling tree would be a good use of the space, and how right I was!   First, there was the utterly childlike delight of drawing a tree outline straight onto the wall – I was surprised by just how wonderful this felt!  Talk about throwing away the rule book and just getting on with it!   Then the outline was filled in using one of the dulux paint samples, in this case ‘potter’s wheel’.

Initial tree painted with 'Potter's Wheel' - a lovely dusky colour that somehow combines soft grey, soft brown and soft purple. I actually may just use this colour on its own for the next one as it turned out beautifully!

Once the first coat had dried, I used a leaf stencil I found at the Publisher’s Works in York to stencil leaves around the tree branches.

Tree with stencilled leaves

Once the leaves had all dried, I started using metallic copper acrylic paint to add accents around the edges of the trunk and to paint in the veins on the leaves.

Half painted copper accents

Finally, I used a soft gold metallic acrylic paint to add an extra layer of texture to the tree.  This worked out beautifully – the colours merge together well, and when you look at the tree from a slight angle, the whole thing is in gorgeous shades of copper, gold and verdigris!

The tree with all the metallic accents added!

The whole process took me about 6 hours over two days, and I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I was so utterly absorbed in a project!  I’m delighted with the finished result, and am now determined to add painted trees to the bathroom and the bedroom – and the best thing of all, the whole project cost me less than £5 for the materials!  If you have a bare wall at home, why not have a go yourself at painting a tree, and join the rapidly growing Windling Wood? 😀

The conservatory, set to rights and ready for work!

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