Lughnasadh Ramblings

Seeds and cereal crops on a muggy morning

It being the Lughnasadh / Lammas already, I decided this morning to go for one of my fairly long rambling walks, to check on how well the local plums and apples are ripening.   It was a close old morning out there – there’s a storm brewing, that’s for sure, and it certainly echoes my life at the moment as just recently there have been a few events going on that have more or less yanked the rug out from under my feet.  Not exactly unusual for life in general, though, all things considered!

Out and about, grass is turning slowly gold, echoing the ripening crops in the fields, and the first cereals are being brought in.   I rather suspect the farmers are making the most of the slightly improved weather to bring in the crops before the next band of rain sweeps over us.  It has been a rather wet, decidedly disappointing summer in terms of weather, and the garden has certainly reflected that to a certain degree, with some vegetables ripening up beautifully and others stubbornly refusing to co-operate at all!

Scabious – I always did think that was a really ugly name for a beautiful wildflower!

In the hedgerows, there are still plumes of Meadowsweet to be seen, and I may go and gather a second lot for some more Meadowsweet flower infused oil soon.   I’ve also discovered large patches of St Johns Wort growing wild in the hedgerows, much to my delight – and it has a much richer colour to it than my cultivated variety!  I can see another batch of blood red oil in the makings, thats for sure!

Wild St John’s Wort in the hedgerows

It always surprises me just how many wildflowers are still around at this time of the year – the gold of the fields and grasses seem to overtake the flowers themselves after a while, and it is only upon actually going for a long walk that it becomes quite obvious just how many wildflowers are still around!   We’ve got masses of hairy willowherb, and fireweed, meadowsweet, st johns wort, a variety of different vetches, several kinds of daisy, pineappleweed, mullein and poppy, and that is to name just a few!   So if you haven’t already put up your meadowsweet infused oil, started off poppy tincture or gathered st johns wort for scarlet oil, there is still plenty of time.

And now I am off to do just that! 😉  Wishing you all a blissful and blessed Lughnasadh!

3 thoughts on “Lughnasadh Ramblings

    1. Yikes you are quite right – well hey, I did mention I’ve been a little distracted recently 😉 Post corrected to show the correct festival 😀 and yep, the festival looks like it should be great fun! Looking forward to it!

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