Lammas Gold – More Plant Dye Shenanigans

I recently decided to dive headlong back into the gloriously colourful world of natural dyes – this time I mucked around with plants that yield shades of soft late summer gold, plus rich oranges and yellows.  I got the following results!

Four silk scarves all in rich shades of orange and gold!
On the left – a soft golden yellow gained from Persian Berries. On the right – gorgeous free range egg yolk orange, from Annatto!
On the left – a gorgeous mottled golden brown from Bloodroot, and on the right, soft golden brown from Oak Galls

I haven’t really mucked around a great deal with these colours before, and I must admit I was delighted and surprised by the intensity of the golden yellow and orange that the annatto and persian berries yielded!   Now on to phase two of the project – hand painted designs of leaves and berries to be added!  Pictures will follow in the near future, lovely people!



2 thoughts on “Lammas Gold – More Plant Dye Shenanigans

  1. Absolutely lovely!!! I’m looking forward to the leaf and berry additions, but these are so beautiful on their own too.

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