Lammas Gold – More Plant Dye Shenanigans

I recently decided to dive headlong back into the gloriously colourful world of natural dyes – this time I mucked around with plants that yield shades of soft late summer gold, plus rich oranges and yellows.  I got the following results!

Four silk scarves all in rich shades of orange and gold!
On the left – a soft golden yellow gained from Persian Berries. On the right – gorgeous free range egg yolk orange, from Annatto!
On the left – a gorgeous mottled golden brown from Bloodroot, and on the right, soft golden brown from Oak Galls

I haven’t really mucked around a great deal with these colours before, and I must admit I was delighted and surprised by the intensity of the golden yellow and orange that the annatto and persian berries yielded!   Now on to phase two of the project – hand painted designs of leaves and berries to be added!  Pictures will follow in the near future, lovely people!




  1. Absolutely lovely!!! I’m looking forward to the leaf and berry additions, but these are so beautiful on their own too.

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