The Enchanted Herbal

Ever since I graduated from university I’ve been mulling over ideas for a book I wanted to write, and I have now (finally) begun work on the first few stories!   This project will be called the Enchanted Herbal (at the moment, anyway – it may change before I get finished) and will basically feature retellings of old folktales that incorporate herbs at a fundamental level.  It will hopefully be illustrated by a good friend of mine – more on that later once this has been confirmed!

Briar Rose – By Brian Froud. I have a print of this above my desk!

So far, we have snake sisters and forest paths, blue eyed witches and girls with an uncanny connection to flowers, sorceresses made entirely from plants and heroic tales involving the humble dandelion.  But this is where you come in, dear reader – for those of you who are herb inclined or plant inclined, if you  hear of any folk tales about herbs, please send them my way!  I have a fair few tales already but there is always room for more, from the four corners of the world, though I’ve always found that saying amusing given that the world is not square (or wasn’t the last time I checked, anyway!)

I also need proof readers – about five of them to start off with, so if any of you fancy proof reading and returning short stories to me with friendly critique then please get in touch!  (And please keep it friendly, folks – I’ve had to work very hard on my self confidence to get to this point, and I’d like to keep it intact as much as possible!!)

More on this project as I get bits of it done – for now, though, I am off to write about Chicory! 😀


  1. Congratulations on your decision it’s just what we need. I really enjoy reading your stories and would love to be a proof reader for you. I did it for a publisher a long time ago in another life – happy to help you!

  2. Sounds like a good idea 🙂
    Let me know when you get it published, ‘cos I’ll be after a copy 🙂

    I’m happy to volunteer to be a proof reader too if you need another one.
    My OCD-powered inner editor shall be at your service. (Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure he stays polite or he’ll get locked back in that cupboard he stays in during NaNoWriMo, hehe).

    I love that picture too 🙂
    Wasn’t he the one who did the artwork for “The Dark Crystal”? I can see the similarities in there.

    1. Excellent, I’d be delighted if you would proof read the stories for me! I’ll send them to the usual email address if that is ok with you? And yes, Brian Froud did do a lot of art and concepts for the dark crystal 😀 Love that movie – and he is easily one of my most favourite artists!

      1. Yep, feel free to send them any time 🙂
        I check my mail every day if I can, so if I go a while without letting you know I’ve got them, chances are Gmail is acting weird again.
        Been having problems with that lately, though it mostly seems to affect my other friend with a Hotmail account trying to talk to me, so you’ll probably be ok 🙂

      2. Right – I am hanging fire on the first stories being sent out until the end of September, so that I can send a half dozen at once. They’re not long stories though – for the most part, only one side of A4! 😀

  3. I’m delighted to be here and reading about your stories and posts on plants and herbs! Merry Meet, I am Indigenous Shamanic Winds, aka., Shami — and I’m in my second year of learning about Herbs on my own, pretty much self-taught, and working with the ones closest to me on the land that I live on and in our surrounding woods on and around our property here at home in Michigan.

    At the moment, our Goldenrod (my plant Ally I have been working on now since it opened its world up to me with abundance here!) is beginning to flower, our Hickory Tree is dropping many Nuts, and I’m looking more into Queen Anne’s Lace, which most on our land has started drooping and getting ready to go to seed, but was able to make a small batch of Infused Oil with its flower tops with the ones that were still in bloom!

    It’s great that you have finished at University (where did you go?) and are starting a book on your expeditions! Good for you, and GOOD LUCK XO, I’m sure it’ll all turn out great — and can’t wait to read more about it as you travel your Journey!

    Hugs xo

    P.S. I have various Blogs with Creativeness, Plants/Herbs, my Path — but more about me can be found on FB as well, where we can meet up on your page there!

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