Home, Herbs and Fairytales

Spring seems to have finally sprung, here in the hills, and in the garden flowers are beginning to pop up. The new fruit canes weP1150621 planted last month have some lovely new buds appearing on them, and the herbs are starting to come back up, quite a relief since their rather hasty transplanting in November! The new spiral herb bed is still in its beginning stages but should look good once I finally get around to picking up some more stepping stones for the spiral path to the centre. The workshop teaching is proceeding apace, much to my delight, and has been very well received, to my even greater delight. I’ve met some really lovely people during these teaching sessions, and I learn as much from the attendees as I hope they do from me!

This month we visited a wonderful theme park called the Efteling, while we were in Holland visiting my sister and her husband. The place is huge – I suspect we only saw about half of it – and is filled with fairytale themed rides, exhibits and shows. My favourites were the Dreamflight – a gorgeous fairy filled ride through enchanted forests, sky palaces balanced precariously on planets, and mossy grottoes filled with trolls – and the Fata Morgana ride, a 1001 Arabian Nights themed ride through sultry rainforests (not sure how many of those there really are in that neck of the woods, but who cares, they were gorgeous!) Wizards, genies, tigers, markets filled with all sorts of characters and fripperies… the whole ride was gorgeous, and conveyed the essence of the fairy tale cycle beautifully. Then we traipsed off to the fairy tale wood, where buildings tell the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, the Little Match Girl, Rapunzel and so many others. This whole section was absolutely glorious, and with the pictures I took, its hard to tell sometimes that these are small scale buildings for a theme park, and not enchanted castles! If you get the chance to go there yourselves, then do – its well worth it!

In the fairytale woods...
In the fairytale woods…
The entrance to the Dreamflight
The entrance to the Dreamflight


I’ve begun working on a distance course called Singing Over the Bones recently, as I reached the conclusion that I have not written any stories or poetry in such a very long time. I’m hoping that the course will help me to uncover the tales in the landP1150502scape around our new home – these hills speak to me, and I want to unstop my ears so I can hear more clearly. First, of course, I need to slow down and stop running around all the time…. easier said than done!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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