Coltsfoot flowers just opening.

After most of the winter spent frantically writing and pulling together the pages and pages of notes made over the last couple of years, I am delighted to announce that Hands in the Earth March is finally available to preorder!

Preorder Hands in the Earth March Lesson

50+ pages of information on local seasonal plants, this particular lesson includes the following topics:

Herbs found in the hedgerow in March

Herbs found in the garden in March, plus a list of possible tasks and jobs to be done

A list of recipes and suggestions of medicines to make in March, plus recipes

Herbs for depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress, plus recipes

A basic outline of lung anatomy and physiology, plus an outline of commonly found illnesses, symptoms, herbs that can be used to give relief, red flags of things to watch out for, and a selection of recipes that can be made for the benefit of the lungs.

Detailed profiles on Birch, Chickweed, Cleavers, Coltsfoot and Nettle, with lots of photographs.

An assignment suggesting ways to continue your studies through the month.

Cleavers tops.

The course comes in two options, marked or unmarked, and there is an optional extra pack of herbs that you can buy to go with the course material, which will include 50g packs of the herbs mentioned in the detail profiles.   Each lesson will be sent out spiral bound, and can be put on the bookshelf once you have finished working through the lesson.

My aim with this has been to try and write the course I desperately wanted to do when I first got involved with herbs, but was unable to find, so it revolves predominantly around hedgerow herbs, and does not really cover the garden plants like Sage, Mint or Lemon Balm, but will cover plants like Dandelion, Plantain, Burdock and Hawthorn.   I hope that those who choose to take part will gain knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the subject!   Extra modules will be available from the end of 2016, featuring plants from forests and woodlands, scrublands, moors and mountains, and other more specialised parts of the country.

Now, back to the writing… the April lesson is well underway and nearly ready to send to the proof readers!  The March lesson will be sent out on 1st March, but after this, the lessons will be launched and posted out the last week of the previous month.  I’ll be off hiking around the mountains of Norway for the last two weeks of this month though, making it a little hard to send out courses then! 😉

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