Downhill, Into Spring

Here in the Wolds, the weather is gradually improving.  The days are drawing out, the weather is getting milder, and in the garden the herbs are beginning to creep back out again, lured out by the temptation of watery sunlight and the songs of the first few bees.  Over the winter, the Viking and I have been busy digging a host of new beds, experimenting with Hugelkultur beds (of a sort, anyway) and putting in a veg patch.  The old brick edged beds by the front door have gone, and the bricks are now the gorgeous mossy edging of the serpent bed, along the hedge, as well as the newly dug veg patch.


In other news, the Wild Medicine course is finally finished!  A labour of love that has ended up a huge 600+ pages, filled with recipes and lore and photographs and plenty of plant love.  I’m delighted with it and very proud of it, and am now working on the second iteration, which will include videos, audio files and all sorts of other technical wizardry.   It’ll be available over on teachable, most likely, once I get the first videos done, from March onwards.  I’m also working on the Wild Medicine – Spring ebook, which will be available at the end of March, all being well, as all of this is being done in between regular stints of gardening, teaching, writing and working on more handicrafts.


In the craft area of things, I have lately been working with a plethora of beautiful labradorite cabochons set into leather which I’ve been tooling, embroidering, beading, painting and otherwise experimenting with.  The results have been eagerly received and I’m now branching out into brooches and hair pieces, as well as the necklaces I was originally working on.  I’m also gradually going back into wall hangings, and have been dabbling in original art works.  Basically, life here is very busy, very satisfying, and never dull!   The latest exciting thing is having my first article in the Spring issue of Faerie Magazine – if you happen to get chance, do have a look for it! 😀


To celebrate the completion of the Wild Medicine course, the spring and summer pdf bundles are on offer over on Etsy for the next week, at £36 per season, instead of the usual £54, so if you fancied a look, now may be a good time!  You can find the lessons HERE in the Etsy shop.

All in all, things are good.  I’m going to make more of an effort to keep this blog updated, with a series of recipes and lots of seasonal stuff, so please do check back regularly from now on! 😀


  1. Glorious garden beds! Love the leather and labradorite. Never seen stones set in leather like that. So beautiful. Can’t wait to see the books and videos and all the things. You’ve been busy!

  2. The garden sounds awesome, and particularly veg patches. There is no doubt it will save you money, and to have fresh produce on your doorstep, is much better than buying from supermarkets or similar.

    Added bonus, having great knowledge of herbs also not only provides flavourings for you food, but also an income.

    The writing is another ‘string to your bow’, and between yourself and the ‘Viking’, your lifestyle from my point of view is enviable. But then again not only you, but Chal, Kit and Liv, all have your own unique talents, not forgetting DJ, who as far as I am concerned has really helped us all, and he is a brilliant mentor, helping me move along with my creative writing!!

    Good luck with your future musings/writings.

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