All Things End, And Make Room for the New


Here in the hills the month of May has brought the stark realisation that the path I have been walking is no longer for me, not for any lack of love for the plants – quite the contrary, actually, as the plants have grounded me and lifted me up, and still provide inspiration and beauty and magic.   Sadly, however, I’ve found after 8 years of work that it is just not viable to get a business up and running focusing predominantly on herbal medicine, not in this county anyway.    I’ve lost all but two of my workshop groups, and with many workshops cancelling and very few clients on the books, I’ve taken a long step back and a long, hard look at the situation.   And I’ve realised that perhaps it is time for something new, for a focus on something different, a fresh way of looking at things.


Starting from Saturday, when I got home from a wonderful few days away with three very close friends of mine who are a source of constant inspiration, I’m resolved to invest more time and space in art and makings and crafts, writing and poetry, and spend less time panicking and worrying about something that is totally out of my control, and trying to hold on to something that turns to air in my hands.  Instead, I’m going to be investing time and effort in making a range of daywear, and a lot more time on painting and drawing, designing fabrics, finishing the Enchanted Herbal (at long last!) and writing more poetry.   It will bring many new challenges and is rather terrifying, but it is time I got on with it.   The plants will still be at the front of all I do, just not in quite the same way.   I’m still here for those who need me, and will still be running the odd workshop as well as working on the assorted distance courses, but it is time to begin something new.   This blog will still be updated with herbal stuff, but will also feature a lot more art and craft, design and makings, so I hope you will continue to walk with me on this journey!

14 thoughts on “All Things End, And Make Room for the New

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  1. Dear Ali, wishing you all the best with your new venture. Looking forward to following you on the journey. Many thanks, Barbara

  2. I have enjoyed your posts, I wish you well in your chosen path and I will continue to follow you on your way.

  3. I am saddened but look forward to your new ventures.May your spirit ride high into the future.

    Bright blessings.x

  4. You have put so much work into herbalism Ali, studying, writing, workshops and photographs. Like most careers in this day and age, it is a never ending struggle to succeed. As with yourself, and your dad, who worked so hard in computers, there is always another source along the way.

    From the pictures I’ve seen of your crafts, and the ‘Viking’s’ work, I know you will soon find another path to venture upon.

    Until then best of luck, I am rooting for you and your………….dad.

    Hugs xxx

  5. Hi,
    I wish I was nearer to you, as I’ve been desperately looking for a herbalist near me. Unfortunately I don’t drive and find travelling difficult but I find it so sad that there are not more herbalists.
    Your new ventures sound lovely (beautiful clothes in the pictures) and I wish you every success and look forward to reading more about them.
    With very best wishes for the future 🙂

  6. Wishing you the best of luck on your new venture!
    You are an amazing source of knowledge and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Will we be seeing u at the Fairy Festival on the weekend?

    1. Sadly no, as we didn’t do very well there this year and its a long way to go! I’ll be at the Wytches Market in July though, and also at Spirit of Awen in late July / August 🙂

      1. Oh sorry to hear that.

        Hope that our paths meet again soon, Helen and I thought your hedgegrove talk was amazing and inspired us!

        Wishing you the best

  7. Very excited for you, and happy that you are choosing to continue your blog with updates on your new ventures. You are not the only herbalist I know that has had to make the same decision recently. But a path that honors your diversity of interests and also eases the financial burden is a good one. Very best of luck to you.

  8. I’d be interested in getting a copy of the Enchanted Herbal..Not enough books on herbal magick..

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