Adventures in Fabric Design

Earlier this month I decided to put the herbalism on the back burner for a little while, and pretty much as soon as I got back from a retreat with some dear friends, I leaped into the new and exciting lands of fabric design.   In the last ten days I’ve done 16 hour work days more often than not, drawing and painting panels and learning how to use Gimp photo editor in order to tile and repeat patterns.  This culminated in my first fabrics arriving in the post the other day, and in the opening of a Society6 store and Redbubble store so that folks can order home wares with my designs on, and I’m also going to be offering fabric printed to order in the near future.  I’ve got plans for quilting sets of central panels and borders, so that crafters can create their own home made throws and blankets, and even plan to create a range of dress fabrics in time – basically, I’ve totally shifted focus and started a whole new branch of enterprise, and I’m having a wonderful time!  Here’s a few of the patterns I’ve created recently for those of you who might fancy having a look.

The Briar Rose design, the first one I completed.  I’ve a metre of this printed on linen that I’m busy mounting onto dark green wool with a brocade edging, and I’m pretty happy with it!
This design is called Ivy Eternal, and I think it would make a pretty good rug!
The Moonflower design – the second one I completed, and the one I am most happy with to date.
Olwen, named for the giant’s daughter who would walk the land and leave swathes of whitethorn behind her.  This one will have a matching hawthorn border so that it can be turned into quilts and throws.

Click here for the Society6 shop…

Click here for the Redbubble shop…

And lastly, click here for the etsy shop, where there will be two new wallhangings available tomorrow using the Moonflower design fabric!

I’m going to be working on designs featuring herbs and poisons next, and I’ll post back here with progress on those once I get a few more of them put together!  I’ve got to grips with the basics, and now it is time to try something a little more elaborate and complicated… 😉

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Fabric Design

  1. These are gorgeous. I really like them. Is there any chance that moon flower will become a fabric in the fullness of time ?

    1. There is indeed – I’m looking at offering them all as printed cottons once I am happy with the print results! I’m just waiting for the first metre of Moonflower to come back from the printer now. The large print version on canvas came back last week and is lovely (there will be pictures in the next blog post!) and the smaller cotton print should be back any day now. 😀

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