Braiding Together the Threads

Tree goblins, something that I had forgotten how to see.

After a shamefully long absence, I have finally returned from the depths of despair and apathy which I spent most of the second half of last year in, and am glad to announce that the ideas and inspiration are coming thick and fast again.  This year will see me braiding together the different threads that make up me, and will include the following things:

More herbalism!  I have several books on the go, plus more distance course modules (PS, the January lesson is discounted in the etsy shop at the moment, if you fancy a look 😉   I will be running more workshops here at my cozy witches cottage in the Wolds, so if you fancy a day totally away from the normal world, do pop by!  I shall be arranging dates and subjects for these before the end of the month, with a view to getting things going in February.

More leather work and crafts in general, plus more fabric design!  I’m braiding this little lot together this year in the form of collections, which will allow me to do a little of everything, much like a plant has one or two main stems and lots of leaves.  I shall be making jewellery, waist cinchers, book covers, bags, tarot pouches, fabric designs, wall hangings, cushion covers, shawls and whatever else pops into my mind.   The first collection of the year will be entitled Winterfolk, and will feature lots of the things that most remind me of the season.   The pallette will be greens, browns, white and grey, with sudden pops of firey tones.   There will be bark and ivy, snow and bare branches, and the odd snowdrop, crocus and aconite.  It will be beautiful!   I’ve also got a mini collection in the planning stages, called ‘Hexen’.  I’ll do a separate post about that when I have a bit more to show you all.

The view as I type – albeit not sunny at the moment!

I’m resolved this year to take better care of my health.  I’ve allowed myself to get very unfit, over weight and unhappy, and as I’m firmly of the opinion that wells do not refill themselves, time has to be spent each day on things that will make me happy and healthy in my own skin.

petrichor sample two
Petrichor, my autumn themed fabric.

I’m going to endeavour to post on a weekly or bi weekly basis from here on, including lots of dabbling with new recipes, so for those of you who lamented my walking away from herbalism, rejoice!  I’m BACK! 😉

10 thoughts on “Braiding Together the Threads

  1. Busy bees need overwintering.
    You’re no different.
    The Winter Solstice is all but gone, so look forward to the new light which brings new growth & rejuvenation. Keep you’re chin up girl & remember to allow yourself to see the magic all around you!

  2. Welcome back Ali!
    Lovely to hear your positive news and I wish you well with your promises to yourself.
    Thank you for the email, I look forward to your musings and wisdom as the year unfolds.
    Alison 😄

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