Rebuilding from the Ground Up

Businesses are funny things sometimes, especially in a part of the UK where there are so many herbalists.  I had what I thought was a thriving business up until around last May, when suddenly all workshops cancelled, as did all consultations.  Since then, I’ve really been scrabbling around at lots of different things, trying to make something work and not really getting anywhere!  However while the branches may have gone, the root was still there, and after a year of taking a long step back, I’ve been slowly rebuilding my herbalism, sending out a branch here, a shoot there, and things are finally beginning to leaf out.  So this post is really just a summary of what I’m currently offering, for those of you who might want to take part!


First and foremost, I’ve relaunched my herbal consultations under the Nurture scheme, which has three branches – basic consultations with medicine made from locally grown and gathered herbs, basic consultations followed by a workshop showing you how to gather and make your own specific medicines (this section can also be accompanied by tincture blends if need be) and of course offering workshops specifically to cover subject matter dictated by the fine folks who want to make use of such a service.   Rebuilding a herbal practice here is going to be hard work, as there are so many herbalists locally and just not that many clients, so I’ve added a load of other things to the list.


Fabric designs – these are available on Society6 and Redbubble, and I’m going to be making them available as orderable fabrics very soon!


Leatherwork – these are available from the Eldwolf etsy shop, or from me at one of the many markets and events I trade at.   These usually involve leather, fabric, beads, embroidery and gemstones, and can be made to order.   I also collaborate with my lovely partner to make the fancy sheaths for the blades he makes – these can also be found in our etsy shop.

Wild Medicine – the distance course.  I’m currently working on some videos and podcasts to go with this, so the whole course will be relaunched soon with extra material.  For now, the basic material can be ordered direct from me in pdf form at £15 per month, which gets you at least 50 pages of articles, recipes, anatomy, pathophysiology, ‘to do’ lists for each month and lots more.  You can order this from me by emailing  – I do offer a printed, bound version, which is somewhat more expensive.  Just ask if you’d like this option!

Youtube – my blacksmith and bladesmith partner and I have recently launched our own Youtube channel, which will feature loads of lifestyle videos on a range of topics, from growing, gathering, medicine making, gardening, cooking, blacksmithing, bladesmithing, leather working and anything else I can think of that may intrigue or inspire.  I hope some of you will check out the first video, which, while a little shaky, has at least got things started!


Lastly, I’ve started working with stencils again to make wall hangings, home decor and other lovely things.  I’ll be adding a range of applique patches to the shop soon so you can decorate your own coats, cloaks, bags, cushions and wall hangings.  I hope you will all stop by and take a look!

I’ve done a lot of wrestling with the portfolio website as well, struggling with SEO and all that maddening stuff, and after much swearing, think I’m beginning to at least get a grasp of what on earth its all about – its a long learning curve though, and there’s plenty to learn!  Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to turn into a repeat ‘buy my stuff!’ arena – the next few posts will be about plant medicine again, so please do check back often.

Green Blessings on this beautiful May morning!

6 thoughts on “Rebuilding from the Ground Up

  1. Glad you’re getting back into things, loved your video, have followed your youtube channel 🙂 I’m dipping my toe back in the water writing my herbal wibble, feet will be in in the growing, historical and culinary aspects, the bits I know and can do well. Missed you flower xxx

  2. I hear you on the whole “ground disappears beneath my feet” thing. Currently in the same position myself. Any tips on how to relaign your head? I’m a bit mired in grief for the loss of the old paradigm, and finding it hard to push into enthusiasm for the new…

    1. Actually one thing that I found really helped was to look at exactly what I can do. Lists and spider diagrams – for me, I started with my business name in the middle, went on to list all of the things I could do and then sat down and dreamed a little about where I wanted to go with things. Getting lots of rest helped, and supplements to get the old brain rewired – lions mane, b vitamin complex, l arginine, that sort of thing. Reading my favourite books helped me to look at the world through fresh eyes, and (applicable for me at least) getting back out there in amongst the plants did the trick. For you, I suspect looking at where you want to take Queen of the May and what you want to accomplish with it would be a great start. Have you thought about recording albums and stuff? I bet that would go down really well!

  3. You’ve been busy! Well done on reworking and not just following old tracks – no use pouring the baby out with the bathwater….
    Congratulations, and I really enjoyed a walk round your garden 😊
    Alison (met you in Todmorden a couple of times)

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