Interior Design

A new offering to my repertoire, interior design grew out of my love of creating rooms and themes that are rich with magic and myth, creating an atmosphere of safety and creativity featuring large amounts of trees, animals and plants, and with art nouveau, myth, legend, pre raphaelite and arts and crafts elements to them.  I started offering my services as an interior designer in January of 2020, and of course with coronavirus landing two months later things promptly came to a screeching halt.   As soon as I things are safe again I fully intend to start promoting my services, so if you’d like to have a chat about what I may be able to help you with, do get in touch!  I am happy to paint murals in person as well as do the hands on painting and stencilling, but I’m also just as happy to help with consulting services from a distance, including colours and themes, stencil suggestions, ideas for furniture placement and sourcing furniture, accessories and anything else you can think of that will help you create the room of your dreams!

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