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Hi there!  My name is Ali, and I am a plant obsessive living and working in Lincolnshire, UK.   I’ve been fascinated by herbs since I was 13, and finally qualified as a herbalist in 2009.   I now write and teach about herbs regularly.   I spend most of my time grubbing in the garden, rummaging in the hedgerows (and scaring the locals, that part goes hand in hand with hedgerow rummagings, I tend to find!) and writing down my finds, thoughts, opinions, plus any random words that pop into my head.   I also design stencils and create throws, bags, wall hangings and suchlike, so this site will feature articles about my current projects as well.  I’m utterly entranced with beauty in all its forms, and try to express this with my crafts and creations as well as in the herbal concoctions I make.

I am currently working on two books and two distance learning courses, and will also be adding video blog posts to this site, so check back regularly for more information, or pop over to the News page and sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date on my adventurings!

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello: I am writing an herbal and would like permission to use this quote;

    “The name ‘vervain’ ‘comes from the celtic word ‘ferfaen’, ‘fer’ meaning to drive away and ‘faen’ meaning a stone. Some authors believe that this describes the plant’s ability to dissolve urinary calculi. The herb was beloved of the druids, being a main ingredient in their lustral water, as well as being used in the casting of spells and rituals, and for divinatory purposes. Vervain was used by the Romans as a ritual cleansing plant, and was made into brooms to sweep the altars. It was so beloved by the Romans that it had its own festival day of Verbenalia. It was used in love potions by Roman women. Interestingly, the plant could be used to both cast spells and ward a person against spells cast on them.
    Traditionally, the plant was picked at the rising of the Dog Star Sirius, at the dark of the moon just before flowering. It should be cut with a sacred sickle and lifted in the left hand, and gifts of honey should be given to the earth in recompense for the loss of the plant.” 84
    84 Eldrumherbs.co.uk, Vervain, http://www.eldrumherbs.co.uk/content/content_files/profiles_vervain_verbena-officinalis.php?state=1

  2. And this too if possible, for an herbal I am writing; “According to Frazer’s ‘The Golden Bough’, the herb was first created from droplets of Adonis’ blood, when he was gored by a wild boar on Mount Lebanon, a highly significant event in the mythic cycles of the Phoenicians, and one which happens every year according to their calendar…The herb has a long association with the faerie folk, with rural people believing that the maturing flower was the perfect nesting place for fair folk. The flower petals close at sundown, so the plant has also gained the legend that woodland fairies shelter beneath the plant’s petals at night…” 120
    120 Eldrumherbs.co.uk, Pasque Flower http://www.eldrumherbs.co.uk/content/content_files/profiles_pasque-flower_anemone-pulsatilla.php?state=1

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