About Me


Hi there!  My name is Ali, and I am a plant obsessive living and working in Lincolnshire, UK.   I’ve been fascinated by herbs since I was 13, and finally qualified as a herbalist in 2009.   I now write and teach about herbs regularly.   I spend most of my time grubbing in the garden, rummaging in the hedgerows (and scaring the locals, that part goes hand in hand with hedgerow rummagings, I tend to find!) and writing down my finds, thoughts, opinions, plus any random words that pop into my head.   I also design stencils and create throws, bags, wall hangings and suchlike, so this site will feature articles about my current projects as well.  I’m utterly entranced with beauty in all its forms, and try to express this with my crafts and creations as well as in the herbal concoctions I make.

I am currently working on two books and two distance learning courses, and will also be adding video blog posts to this site, so check back regularly for more information, or pop over to the News page and sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date on my adventurings!

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