Wild Medicine Hedgerow Herbs Distance Course and Books

Here you can find links to the purchase pages for my distance learning course, Wild Medicine, which aims to teach basic herbalism using our native British and European plants, or at least the ones commonly found which are safe to use.

Wild Medicine will feature in each monthly lesson:

Detailed profiles on 5 to 6 herbs a month which are commonly found and easy to work with.

Sections on basic anatomy, physiology and a little bit about commonly found ailments and how to treat them.

Red flags – things to watch out for and details on more serious complaints that require medical assistance.

A list of herbs commonly found in the hedgerows and gardens in that particular month, and how to use them, plus recipes.

A list of suggested remedies for each month plus recipes on how to make them.

An assignment which can be done to encourage further learning.

Each month is currently available as an unmarked assignment for your own study, but if you’d like to have feedback on each assignment, do get in touch as I am happy to provide this service for an additional fee.

If you have any questions or would like any more information about the course, please feel free to email me at enquiries@eldrumherbs.co.uk.

I am also the proud author of the three Wild Medicine books – Spring, Summer, and Autumn / Winter, all of which can be ordered from Amazon, from a variety of individual bookstores or direct from the publishers, Aeon Books.   Just search for Wild Medicine by Ali English at your favourite book store and they should be able to get hold of copies for you!

Green Blessings,


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