Upcoming Workshops & Talks


I am now taking bookings for herbal workshops and talks for this year – do feel free to contact me for more information or to book me to come to your venue to teach or talk.   I’ll also be planning a small range of herb walks and talks for the remainder of 2021 – check back regularly for details if you are interested.

You may also want to check out my Wild Medicine distance course which features monthly lessons on herbs available and how to use them.



  1. Hi Ali,

    I would like to come on your spring workshop in Horncastle if possible? I was also wondering if I might be able to do some work experience with you this year? I am a yr2 HM student at Lincoln and live in Thimbleby so it would be great learn from you. And also consider how, when I am qualified, I can complement your practice- rather than replicate- as we live so close together I wouldn’t want to infringe on your ‘turf’ so to speak! I have heard great things about you from some fellow students you know, so it would be lovely to meet you.

    As for work experience, I assure you I will make myself useful and not be a hindrance! I have common sense, I am reliable, hard working, keen to learn and help in any way I can. I have 20 hours to offer, so please feel free to make use of me and put me to work in whichever way is most beneficial for you.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Laura,

      I’d be more than happy for you to come and spend some time working with me – drop me an email to enquiries@eldrumherbs.co.uk and we shall have a plan as to when that will work best for you. My practice is rather quiet at the moment so expect to be doing a lot of foraging and medicine making! 😉 There is also room on the Horncastle workshop so you are most welcome to join me there 🙂

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