Further Adventures with Cider Vinegar

In typical style for me, I couldn’t stop at just drinking cider vinegar in hot water, oh no.   I found several references both in books and online about using cider vinegar as a hair rinse and as a toner, so I thought I’d give them both a try.   First up:

Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse for Dark Hair

Cider vinegar, rosemary and lavender hair rinse

This was very easy to make (no surprise there, eh) by simply adding a couple of heaped tablespoons of dried lavender and rosemary to a couple of pints of water and boiling the whole lot up to make a fairly strong infusion.  Cool and strain and then add a decent slosh of cider vinegar – I used some of my home made stuff, and only about 250mls to the whole lot, which I think was plenty.  I used it as a final wash after conditioning but I’m going to use it after shampooing and before conditioner next time as it is basically used to strip excess product and grease out of the hair.  Some use cider vinegar as a shampoo on its own but honestly, it really doesn’t smell good enough for this purpose unless you really enjoy walking around smelling of cider vinegar all day (I personally don’t 😉 )

I was personally rather unconvinced with this one but then, I am pretty sure that’s because I used it as I would a normal hair rinse, as a final rinse after washing and conditioning.   If you add cider vinegar to normal herbal hair rinse, it really needs to be used between shampoo and conditioner, I think.  I’m going to use it this way and will report back on whether that is more effective!

Cider Vinegar and Rose Water Toner – for spot prone skin.

This was really easy to make – I just mixed up a small batch this first time as I wanted to maker sure it would suit my skin.  I simply mixed about 75mls of rosewater with 25mls of home made cider vinegar and then shook it up thoroughly.   So far I have used this at least a dozen times and can confirm that for me at least it seems to normalise my skin.  I am prone to a lot of spots around my mouth, much to my chagrin as I had rather hoped I would grow out of this by the time I hit 30, but its not looking like that will be the case.  The rosewater and cider vinegar toner takes the redness out of the spots, speeds up how fast they heal and evens out the overall skin tone.  I’m actually pretty impressed with this one, and I’m going to keep using it!  I use a mild facial scrub once a day, then the toner, followed by a good quality moisturiser.  Eventually I’ll use my home made moisturiser and cleanser once I’ve run out of the few bits of products I have left – seems daft and wasteful to throw away what’s left of the over the counter stuff, though!  I’m going to be writing an extensive blog post in the near future about my adventures in the world of gaining a clear complexion, for anyone interested! Hopefully my random potions and concoctions will lead me ever closer to the elusive goal of having good skin…


  1. I think you’re supposed to dilute it in the water if you’re using it as a shampoo on its own, so the smell of the vinegar doesn’t linger.

    Another article I read a couple of years ago suggested using baking soda as well. I haven’t tried any of these myself though, a bit wary of doing it wrong and waking up to find all my hair has fallen out or something…

    Still got that article saved in fact, but it’s too long to put here and I can’t find it online again.
    I could E-mail it to you if you’re interested.

    And I’m definitely interested in more complexion concoctions. Me and my skin don’t get along very well on some days 😦

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