Personal Herbalism – June Blog Party!

A couple of weeks ago (give or take a few days) I announced this year’s blog party, that of personal herbalism – or what do you do with herbs that is unique to you.  This could cover a range of topics, from how you got started with the plants, to a particular plant ally, to what you find so special, so unique, about working with herbs.   Much to my delight, I’ve had a few really lovely blog submissions, so here they are!

Over on Samantha Grayson’s blog,  Samantha writes in a beautiful and lyrical fashion about plant spirits, intuition and the more spiritual side of herbalism and plantwifery.

The lovely Leslie over at Comfrey Cottages has written about hope and herbs and her grandchildren, and how all three go hand in hand – a glorious post, and one that has provided me with a new fiction author to look up!

Debs, over at Herbaholic’s Herbarium, really took the subject very much to heart and has obviously done quite a bit of soul searching!   I think we need to find another name for plant specific herb people who are more gardeners and botanists than healer types… 😉

Over on Hedgerow Hippy‘s blog, Claire has submitted an old post that definitely answers the question very beautifully!

At Whispering Earth, Lucinda has written a lovely post about herbalism and how it connects to everything else – well worth a read!

Over on Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife,  Sarah writes engagingly about how she got sucked slowly into herbal obsession and the path she has walked to reach her current level of expertise.

And here is my post – the usual ramblings, generally without a point, but it feels good to get the ‘why’ of my herbalism down on virtual paper!

I shall be updating this post regularly with more fantastic submissions from any of you lovely people who would like to contribute! 😀

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