Silence & Solitude

I was debating whether or not to start a separate blog for my poems and non herbal writings, but have reached the conclusion that trying to compartmentalise myself into sections like that just might be a recipe for disaster!   So, in the spirit of rebellion, here is one of my most recent poems 🙂   Those who read it will probably guess I am an introvert… 😉


Silence and Solitude


I cannot bear this crowd about me,

these people, talking at me, expecting

that I will make meaningful conversation back,

in a language that defeats me.

Cornered, I become feral, and turn,

bared teeth and claws exuding hollow menace,

head lowered, growl choking my throat,

and they cower, hurt, believing me uncaring,

when all I crave is silence, understanding and kindness.

Give me instead the quiet,

solitude, early mornings,

dew sweet and mirror bright with promise –

scented with a thousand flowers and drifting mists;

for my people are not yours, they do not

speak with the thousand tongues of mankind.

Instead, they are leaf silent, wind tossed,

bark and bough, and flowing stream.

Many tongued in silence, they speak only the language

of seasons changing, of mist and mornings,

and moon rise on the endless world.


I wish only to walk the Old Ways, trackless,

musical with the sounds of birds and

corn before the wind, a silken torrent.

Let me learn the language of silence,

that I may converse with forever, yet

breathe in only this very moment,

eternal, changeful.

Let me inhale the wheel of the year,

redolent with the passage of time,

enchanted to the very core of its being.

Let me be enchanted to the very core of mine,

wild child, wise and fey,

embracing trees, walking muddy and barefoot,

dancing with the wind at dawn,

careless and heedless,

yet fully alive.


  1. Side by side, walking the trodden paths of our ancestors. In silence the secret language of the sacred speaks. Teachings & messages, the invisible gifts await our tender loving care & comprehension! With you in complete understanding 🙂 thank you for sharing such beautiful ways & expression, so authentic & inspirational.
    Awesome, more please 🙂

    1. More will be coming, I promise! 😀 Thank you for your kind comments – it is wonderful to hear that what I am trying to give shape to with my words is actually working the way I want it to! 😀

  2. As a fellow introvert, I understand this completely 🙂
    The images you create in that second part are very beautiful too…

    I’d say post what you like here. I think people read your blog because they’re interested in your views on other topics too. If not, they can always skip over some posts anyway.
    I like your writing though 🙂

    1. I’m glad that the poem gives shape to things for other introverts as well, and not just me 😀 I shall be posting more poems and stories and whatnot, never fear – thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Beautiful! My heart connected with those words, once upon a time I wrote poems, life changed and the words no longer come, I think it’s because I’ve found peace, there certainly was some in the beautiful words I just read.

    1. thank you! I am really glad you enjoyed the poem 😀 I wonder sometimes if we somehow have a word quota – and you use a lot of creativity in your articles that you write 😀 I’m increasingly of the opinion that poetry can’t be forced, but it does have the habit of popping up and saying ‘hi’ at the most inopportune moment – such as in the car, when you can’t pull over :S

  4. I am so glad you are keeping all your writings in one spot, Ali! I agree, to fragment yourself like that..I agree, would probably not work out for the best.. This poem resonates with me, a fellow introvert ;^) love this “Let me inhale the wheel of the year,redolent with the passage of time” . thank you for sharing xxx

    1. Well, I have this inner debate regularly, but my poetry and creative writing is so much a part of my herbalism, it would cause problems trying to divide the two up! 😀

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