Two Poems for Those in Dark Places


The cauldron beckons to all of us, sooner or later,
only remember, as the Underworld reaches for you,
seemingly taloned and cruel, Hel
holds your hand, walks beside you as you
navigate the landscape of broken glass and lost dreams.
Persephone walks before you, guiding you,
she, who falls and rises with the seasons,
knows this treacherous way well.   Follow her –
trust yourself.  Trust hope.  Breathe.   Reach.
The darkest night has the most beautiful stars –
reach for them, and ascend once more.



Dark Night of the Soul


Dark Mother, help me,

Guide me through this Dark Night of my soul,

Hecate, let me reach my depths, let me travel

This black and purple underworld, shades of night,

With the demons dancing in my head, yammering,

Shrieking a thousand curses, telling me

To turn back, lose courage, forget myself

And all that I am, emotions torn, scattered or

Locked behind stone silences, numb

As the flesh before the surgeon’s knife.

Cerridwen, help me descend

Into this ebony cauldron, let me return

With gemstones of wisdom and kindness,

Healing for myself and certainty, at last.

Cailleach, let me face the oncoming storm without flinching,

Or turning away, cowering, childlike

Behind the walls of nothingness.

If I walk on, thorns of pain

Pierce my flesh, my blood

Pouring like rain, like uncried tears.

May it wash me clean, and let me

Emerge like Kore, like Persephone,

Into spring.


1 Comment

  1. I’ve been in some dark places myself over the years.
    But perhaps experiencing the darkness is necessary to learn to truly appreciate the light.

    And I do like the stars… 🙂

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