London, Brighton and The Sea Queen

Creative endeavours have slowed to a much more gentle amble over the last week or so as I am currently down in London on a three week break, looking after three extremely adorable cats.  Still, sketching and writing and stencil designing proceeds as normal – a new poem has been written, a new story has been started, six small wall pennants have been completed and hemmed, and I now have plans for two more long pennants with roses on which I intend to begin when I return home in early February.

Quirky oak tree - this picture really doesn't capture all the colours and shapes on this tree, but hopefully better pictures will be taken when I have finished it!!
Quirky oak tree – this picture really doesn’t capture all the colours and shapes on this tree, but hopefully better pictures will be taken when I have finished it!!

We’ve had a real gamut of interesting weather here recently, a few days of masses of snow and minus temperatures even down here in London, and now the temperatures have lifted again, the snow has melted and spring is in the air!   I have two large tree wall hangings in progress which are coming along nicely, and which I am hoping to finish once I get home and reopen the etsy shop.

Normal herbal services will resume upon my return, have no fear!! 😀


The sea - always a beautiful thing...
The sea – always a beautiful thing…

I’ve done a couple of trips to Brighton, old stomping grounds of mine, and rediscovered a love of the sea, which fuelled my latest poem, which I have posted for those of you who might fancy a quick look!

The Sea Queen

Sea’s favoured daughter, I dreamed

that you crept up from the depths, garbed

in green kelp and dove grey pearls, sea jewels,

and gazed at me from storm tossed eyes,

beckoned and beguiled and beglamoured me,

draped over me like satin and silk, fluid, changeable,

sank into my blood, my very bones becoming coral.

And in my sleep, I followed you,

tide drawn, caught in your currents,

moth to your undersea flame – became water,

stroked by wind and rain, stirring in the depths,

racing through ebb and tide and

shifting sands, footprints and memories

washed into the salt, gone yet never lost.

You clad me in water in all your seasons, green

and grey, and clouds above, moon and lightning your blade

as it cuts through the rising currents,

silver against aquamarine and dusk and dawn,

seafoam lace and glinting jewels,

and I became you, my wild nature

never stilled for long. My sea changes

render treasure from dross, pearls from sand,

a watery alchemist driven by endless storm winds,

undertow drawing you in once more.


  1. That is beautiful! The poem is so evocative and bright with words like a necklace of sea-glass, pearls and aquamarines strung together on a strand of mermaid’s hair…

  2. Hiya 🙂 Long time no chat.
    Haven’t heard from you in a while, so wasn’t sure if everything was ok, but glad to see the site is back up again 🙂

    That poem is really beautiful 🙂 I love the sea, been living close to it all my life. I don’t think I could ever be comfortable living anywhere far from the sea now.
    Hoping we get a proper summer this year so I can go back to the beach and scavenge for nice/useful things again 🙂

    Wishing you luck with everything there 🙂

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