Making an Enchanted Tree For Your Home – Tutorial

Recently I came up with the mad idea to make a tree in a pot for my home, using found or easily available materials.  It went so well, and the finished tree looks so good, that I thought I’d post the instructions here for anyone else who fancied having a go!

The Completed Enchanted Tree!
The Completed Enchanted Tree!

You will need:

One medium sized pottery plant pot

Small pea gravel – enough to fill the pot with.

A small piece of cardboard to block the hole in the bottom of the pot.

Moss – either the florists sort, or some gathered from the wild.

A branch – preferably fallen and partly dried out.   This is because a fresh branch will shrink as it dries and potentially make the leaves work loose.

Thin wire – 0.6mm jewellery wire is good, and cheap!

Silk leaves with a short stem on.  You can use standard silk leaves on a larger branch if you want to, just cut the leaves off with enough stem left on them to wire them onto the branches.

Charms, gemstome beads, sparkly things to decorate the tree with.


How to make the tree:

Put the cardboard in the bottom of the pottery plant pot, covering the hole, then fill three quarters full with the pea gravel.

Fill the top of the pot with moss.  I added an artifical mushroom as well, because... well... mushroom! :D
Fill the top of the pot with moss. I added an artifical mushroom as well, because… well… mushroom! 😀

Carefully wiggle the branch base into the pot, until it is very securely placed, then fill the pot up with more gravel until about an inch below the very top of the pot.   Make sure your branch is well anchored! If it still wobbles precariously, you may need a bigger pot.

Wire wrap each leaf onto the twigs thoroughly.
Wire wrap each leaf onto the twigs thoroughly.

Cut pieces of wire at least three inches long and begin to wire the leaves onto the small branch tips.   I basically line the base of the leaf up with the tip of the branch, and then wire wrap along the length of the leaf stem to make sure its really secure.

Fill around the base of the branch with moss so you can’t see the gravel.


Wire more sparkly things into the tree branches – in this case I used small, shimmery glass crystals and gemstone beads which catch the light.

Stand back and admire your handiwork!

The whole thing took about two hours to make from start to finish, and cost about £25 for all the materials – which included enough wire and gravel to make another tree easily, plus some leaves left over!   I hope you have fun making your own tree! 😀

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