Spring Returns


There’s something truly magical about Spring.   The long nights gradually shortening, and the days growing brighter, warmer winds coaxing buds from the plants, and rain keeping up regular cheerful conversations with the trees.   The hills have slowly turned from mottled shades of brown to green as they slowly don their spring veil of peridot and malachite.   Grass is dotted with Crocuses the colour of amethysts, citrine and palest moon agate, and the Snowdrops have given way to the brilliant yellow of Joinquils  Today is the Equinox, and the day and night is equal length now, for just a short space of time, and from tomorrow we will begin the much faster run down the hill into spring proper, and then summer to follow.

Here in the Wolds, spring is already beginning to pick up pace, and every time I wander around my garden something else new and delightful is creeping up above the ground.   The Woodruff is greening up and the Skullcap is sprouting anew – and better yet, many of the lovely plants I enjoyed last year who I had rather thought had died over the winter have put in an appearance yet again!   I’ve dug a crescent moon bed around the new fruit trees, which will be full of Chamomile and white flowered Borage this summer.   The garden is a constant delight to me, although the cleavers and nettle seedlings are beginning to creep through again.   Regular weeding will become the order of business before much longer, predominantly to stop the Cleavers from dominating the whole garden!   The next project for the garden is a spiral wildflower bed for the meadow area, and I am hoping to begin recording the first set of videos and lectures on plant medicine in the very near future, in between the continual round of writing.   Below is a poem I wrote about spring, some time ago now, which I hope you will enjoy!


Spring Returns

The wild spring maiden dances once more,
Ribbons of her breeze tangle around
Hawthorn sprigs and tree bark,
There’s a grand smile in the air
During the wild growing of the
Greening Season.
Buds adorn grey and brown trees
Like emeralds, a green mist
To take away the winter’s long dark and cold.
Joyous leaflings embrace bare twigs,
As a child embraces its mother, and
All the world begins anew,
As leaves unfurl
To reveal the gift of life


  1. I enjoyed this refreshing and uplifting report on the season of Spring. Somehow this time of the year makes one feel energetic and re-born. The plants and animals share this feeling with us, by their actions. Birds singing early morning and until nightfall. As you say Ali, plants are beginning to push their way through the earth, creating a wonderful rainbow of colours!

    I have found living in the country magical. The view from my garden is awesome, across a huge field, and horizons produce beautiful sunsets what ever the season.

    Thanks for the most enjoyable read, which has started my day with a boost!!

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