The Wortwyfe’s Guide to Re-Enchantment

The rearranged Lair in the evening. 🙂

One of the things I really struggle with from time to time is the sense that the magical in the world has rather turned sideways and disappeared.  This isn’t just a SAD issue, though I certainly  have problems with that from time to time as well – this particular slump can pop up any time of the year, regardless of weather, what I am doing and what I have to look forward to.  Since my awareness of the enchantment in the mundane world around me feeds so much into everything I do, I’ve developed quite a list of coping strategies, and I thought I’d share a few of them here in case they prove helpful to any of you good folks reading this post.  So, without further ado, here are a few ideas:

  • Go for a walk in nature.  This really is first and foremost, and if you can possibly build this into your regular routine I promise you will reap dividends.  It doesn’t have to be a great long walk – I know not everyone is physically able or has enough spare time.  Five minutes to really look at the world around you is an excellent start.   If you can’t get out into nature, find a park or local wild lot and marvel at the wild plants that creep in all the nooks and crannies.
  • Take time to really look closely at the world around you.  One of the joys of my regular morning walk has been to see the world gradually shift and change and ebb and flow.  I’ve learned how to look at the movement of light and shade across the hills, bringing rain and sun behind it.   The slow budding of trees and the world winding down into winter. The snowdrops flowering now, and the daffodils and bluebells slowly pushing up green shoots behind them.  Taking time to look closely and to appreciate things slows my mind down so that it slips into the steadier, calmer flow of time instead of frantically running at a pace that I cannot sustain.
  • Redecorate or rearrange a room!   I tend to find that if I completely shift around the furniture or pictures or odds and ends in a room, it changes how I look at the whole house and by extension, at the world around me.  That slight frisson of ‘oh!  That’s new!’ really does help to jolt me out of negative mind sets.   This weekend I did more painting in my dining room lair, and rearranged the furniture, and I could literally feel the slump lift.   You really don’t have to do much – just move a few things around so that you look at the room slightly differently.
  • Read a favourite magical book, or dive into a book with new information and new facts in it.  I love reading folklore and fairy tales, but find that months can go by without my delving into one of my ever expanding library of books on all aspects of folklore.  I’ve got herb books that I keep forgetting to dive into as well, all of which really wake the brain up once you get started.  It can be any  kind of book, as long as it brings that excitement of learning!
  • Try something new.   Try a new kind of craft or art, writing, journaling, blogging, photography.   Anything that helps you to look at the world with new eyes will help, and many new things don’t have to be expensive.
  • Remember that all things have a season – the world doesn’t bloom all year around, and neither do we.  Sometimes it is ok to have a fallow season, when you work on fertilising the soil that will grow next year’s crops.  Take time to rest and nurture yourself.

I hope these suggestions help at least – if you have any others, please do leave them in the comments for other folks to read!

I’m going to begin writing a series of blog posts on my home since I get a lot of requests for a proper tour, along with some hints and tips on how to redecorate a house on a budget, and eventually on upcycling furniture and all that sort of stuff – all with the crazy faery witch wild woman ethos that seems to infuse everything I do.  Please do feel free to check back often!

Day time in the Lair!

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  1. A superb article about ‘enchantment’ which is so true to life. If seasons, and creatures and surroundings can change in the blink of an eye, then why can’t us humans do the same? I totally agree and have a routine of two walks a day over the fields near home. Nowadays as you say Ali, life can pass us by in this techinical world and we lose touch with nature and our own thoughts.
    Animals have a routine and so must we! Love reading your blogs and work which to me are very uplifting not only mentally but physically!
    Good luck with your decorating and I hope you will post some pictures along the way.

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