Winter, And Marking the Season

Ivy against the skies

Here in the valley winter has arrived, bringing with it frozen starts to the day, with those gorgeous ferny displays of frost creeping across the green house and the car.  Elfdance is often to be seen carpeting the fields, and the sun has gained that distinctive apricot hue as he struggles to appear over the horizon.  The days are drawing ever inwards, and we are less than two weeks away from the Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year.  Here at our cottage, we mark the day with fires lit in both downstairs rooms, masses of candles, fragrant incense, and watching with baited breath as the sun creeps into the sky in the morning – assuming there is any sun visible at all, of course.  This being the UK, winter is often a murky affair with rain, mist, fog and overcast days!

I often find that winter can be a bit of a struggle for me, not so much because of good old seasonal affective disorder but because in this modern era, we are given little opportunity to slow down.  Time demands that we move at a different pace in the winter, marking each sunrise and sunset, breathing in the wine rich air and sleeping more, resting more, taking slow walks, slow meals, not always dashing hither and yon.   Time spent dreaming in front of the fire in winter is as rich and productive as time spent digging the vegetable patch, dreaming of what to grow next year.    Winter is also a time to incubate new dreams, new ideas, to plan and ponder and develop new plans – time to descend into the dark and return with muddy hands filled with fertile earth and eyes full of dreams and ideas.

janwalk 024
I love the quality of the light at this time of year, so very clear and pure, especially as the sun starts to set!

Some of you may have noticed the change in tag line for this site – this is to mark a new beginning for me.  In the new year, this blog will be getting a bit of an overhaul as I broaden my scope to encompass anything that I feel contributes towards an enchanted, mythic life.  It will include art, writing and poetry; interior design and upcycling; outfits from second hand and hand made clothing; tutorials on making assorted lovely things to adorn your home and yourself with; plus of course masses of plant related gossipings, including wild foods, natural dyes, herbal medicines, my explorations into organic and biodynamic gardening, and loads of cooking, both vegan and non vegan.   For me, my passion for all of this began with the plants, so I’m also working on a magical herbalism distance course for anyone who may be interested, as well as designing tattoos and pen and ink drawings of different herbs and plants.   All in all, I want this blog to be a celebration of everything that makes a life mythic, story filled, rich and enchanted, and I hope that some of you at least will enjoy witnessing the journey there!


  1. A lovely post, very heartfelt. I agree with you totally about the need to slow down and go inwards for winter, dreaming into being the new year. What can be better than fireside dozings and musings.

    1. Thank you! I find it rather hard to slow down, and need to keep reminding myself to take things at a more relaxed pace. I seem to have two paces – asleep and full speed ahead, which does not serve me well in the winter. This year I’m trying to slow down and enjoy each day as it comes! 🙂

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