January in the Garden and Hedgerow


Previously I’ve found that January is a real trial of a month, seemingly never ending and redolent with rain, chilly weather, thick, clinging fogs, hard frosts and occasionally snow, and while the weather certainly hasn’t changed, I’m trying to slow down enough this year to see the beauty in the season and enjoy the slower pace.   There are  many things to love about January’s chilly beauty – the landscape pares back to bare bones of bark, ivy and turned earth, and the skies display muted tones of mourning dove’s breast and pigeon wing, turning to flame and gold in the evenings.  Stars overhead are brilliant on cloudless nights, and it is well worth making a hot chocolate or golden milk, wrapping up warm, and making your way outside to reacquaint yourself with the night skies, constellations beaded across black velvet in wild array.  There have been meteor showers lately, much more easily seen in the winter, and if you watch carefully, you can make many wishes on the stars as they fly across the heavens.


We were lucky enough to enjoy an incredible combination of hard, glittering frost, slight low lying mist and brilliant moon just past the full on the 24th of December last year – the garden became coated in tiny stars which, walking slowly around, glittered when the moon was just right.   The herb garden, always a magical place, became positively redolent with enchantment under the light of the moon, and the whole world seemed to stand still for just that short period of time – just a few days past the Winter Solstice, and the world underfoot was fast asleep, even while the night itself was active.  The local barn owls were out and about, as was the tawny owl we see occasionally, and in the distance a fox could be heard.  The world, which we think is so very quiet at night, is even busier then than during the day, as all those crepuscular beasties that love the night come out to play from dusk onwards.

This year I have a range of new things planned, both here and across on Patreon.  I’ll be focusing much more on living a slower, gentler mythic life, with (hopefully) more lyrical writings, poetry, art, photography, notes on house decor and decorating, house tours, garden tours, recipes, herbalism and craft projects – if there is anything else you would like to see appearing on this site, please do let me know!

I finally got around to doing a new garden tour – which you can watch over at YouTube. I’d love to hear if there’s any other subjects you’d like me to cover with short videos and podcasts!

In the mean time, happy new year, and blessed winter to you all!

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  1. Another enjoyable written piece taking me on a fascinating tour of the outdoors, the atmosphere and the beautiful creatures along the way. I can almost pick up the scent of the countryside as I read it. Look forward to reading more of your adventures Ali. Brilliant!!

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