Back To It!

After a horrendously long break (thanks, covid 19) I’m finally starting to reopen things. I’ve just placed some scarily large orders for jars, bottles and some of the tinctures that I can’t make for myself, and outside the window it is finally, FINALLY raining after a scarily dry April which has delayed many of the herbs in the garden and the hedgerow. The next week will see me busily starting lots of tinctures once the spring growth really starts to come through, and I am now finally starting to take bookings for herbal talks, workshops, herb walks and interior design jobs again as I have now got a batch of covid 19 lateral flow tests that I can take before I see any patients. It feels really good to be getting back to it – sitting around for too long never did me any good in the past and nothing has really changed on that front!

If you’d like to book me to come and paint you a mural or redecorate you a room, or if you’d like a consultation or workshop with herbalism, do please pop me a line. In the mean time, normal service will shortly be resuming, including more regular blog updates!

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