I’m Back – Did You Miss Me?

So, 2020 was officially the year from hell, for many of us I suspect, and I think I spent most of it asleep, drinking too much gin, or under a hedge somewhere. Now, however, it is spring 2021, and I’m trying very hard to wake up, honest – the amount of coffee I drink these days should certainly be encouraging me in that direction rather enthusiastically.

So, what has been going on in the last 18 months when I have been conspicuously absent? Well, first off I finished the Wild Medicine books, which are all now available through Amazon and Aeon books. They’ve been quite well received, much to my delight, and I am now slowly sneaking up on a few new writing projects. The Enchanted Herbal has been resurrected, and I’ve also started making plans for another herbal book, this time on forgotten plants.

Of course the big kicker last year was losing three family members, none of them to covid. I lost my remaining grandparent at the end of September, and an uncle I had never met at the end of last year, but the biggest and hardest loss was my beloved dad, who I adored (and still do – you don’t stop loving someone just because they’re dead, after all.) Dad became unexpectedly paralysed from the ribcage down in May last year after tingling and numbness in the legs for some weeks beforehand, and after a number of scans and tests, it was discovered that he had undiagnosed metastised stage four kidney cancer. He passed on on November 4th last year after a short, brutal battle, and I miss him desperately. The ground has utterly and completely gone from under my feet. Those of you who know me will know that I struggle with bouts of moderate to severe depression, and perhaps unsurprisingly watching dad’s decline and death sent me into a major bout of this. I won’t lie – this is still a huge problem for me, but life does tend to have the bad habit of going on regardless, so I’m taking it one day at a time, and trying to make my dad proud of me, wherever he is now. I have at least put the gin bottle down now, which I count as an excellent start…

Spring has arrived again the valley, as it does, regardless of how we may be feeling. Winter in the heart, spring all around – it certainly wakes a person up. I have been immersing myself in the garden a great deal lately, and doing a lot of walking. I’ve begun intermittent fasting, done properly, and as a result my weight is finally going down (amazing how watching a beloved family member die can be such a powerful wake up call, eh). Creativity is still on a low ebb, and I don’t have much of an attention span, but these things can only improve, right?

The aim is to continue building the youtube channel (yep, there’s one of those now, which can be found here ) and which will feature herbalism, wild food, foraging, black and bladesmithing, upcycling, interior design and anything else I can find to do videos about with a mythical, magical, gentle tone to it. The wordpress blog (which you are reading right now) will hopefully have more recipes, tutorials and suchlike on it, and over time I will be adding more tutorials to etsy. I’ve been thinking a lot about home, the idea, mythos and magic to it, and that’s a subject I’ll be writing about quite a bit in the near future. That’s the plan so far anyway – lets see how far 2021 manages to derail it!

Blessings of safety, love, home, hope and green world to you all. With love from the Lincolnshire Wolds.

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