Wild Medicine – Summer

WMS sample 3.jpg
The cover art for Wild Medicine – Summer


A piece of news that I have rather been keeping under my hat until about a week or two ago is the release date for the first of three herbals I have coming out over the next year and a bit!  In this case, the release date for Wild Medicine – Summer has now been set for May this year, and can be preordered from Aeon Books or from Amazon.

It covers a fairly arbitrary list of herbs commonly found in the summer, from May through til August, with an assortment of recipes, photographs and anecdotes, and will be in a fairly small format so that you can put it in your pocket and take it with you!   The second book will feature herbs of autumn and winter, and the third book will feature herbs of spring, hopefully making it easier to figure out which herbs need to be gathered at each point of the year.  I’m hoping they will prove useful additions to the library as well as pleasant reading in their own right!   Pretty much all the material in each book, including the text, photographs and the cover art, is all my own work, and I must admit I am rather proud of them!

Herbs included are Elder, Honeysuckle, Self Heal, Shepherd’s Purse, Fumitory, Black Horehound, Mugwort, Cornflower and Pineappleweed, amongst many others.  I’ll hopefully have signed author copies available at some point later on this year!   If you fancy sharing or preordering, I’d be very grateful indeed.

Green Blessings!


  1. Congratulations Ali, your book looks lovely!
    I’ll pre-order it this week, looking forward to it arriving; what a good idea, a seasonal pocket sized herbal….. just what I need.
    Just what everyone needs!
    Hope it’s a very successful venture for you,
    Kind blessings,

  2. Reblogged this on Flora's Musings… and commented:
    The Eldrum Tree blog is one that always posts interesting and informative articles and to think we will soon be able to have some of her herbal knowledge in our pockets is very exciting news indeed!

  3. Having really enjoyed and been inspired by your workshop at Alford Craft Centre on Monday I’ve pre-ordered your new book on amazon. Also looking forward to exploring your beautiful website. All the best with the book.

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